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    About Denyc

    Willamette Valley Roots

    Denyc grew up in the Willamette Valley and had the same jobs her friends did – picking fruit and working in a food processing plant. Denyc and her husband, Jeff, moved back to Oregon in 1995 and currently live in Denyc’s Marion County childhood home where they raised their three children. In 1987, Denyc graduated from Sprague High School in Salem and later graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a dual degree in Political Science and Sociology. While she and her husband Jeff attended the same high school, ironically they didn’t meet until graduate school where they obtained their Masters Degrees in Public Policy.

    Military Family

    Denyc’s husband, Jeff, is an Air Force veteran, who spent time serving in the Middle East. Her father obtained a bronze star for his service in Vietnam. Both Denyc and her brother were born on Air Force bases. These experiences heavily influenced their family for a life of sacrifice and service.

    Blue Collar Upbringing

    Denyc’s parents divorced when she was 5, and for most of her life, she was raised by a single mother. Her younger brother was diagnosed with Leukemia before he was two years old and underwent experimental treatments that saved his life but caused other mental and physical challenges. She has lived many of the challenges faced by working families today.

    Community Leader

    Denyc has a history of serving this community whether it’s through owning small businesses or working in Community Relations at Salem Health. Denyc was heavily involved with her children’s schools and activities, coaching at the Boys and Girls Club, serving with Greater Salem Young Life, and contributing as a citizen to the Marion County Budget Committee. She is passionate about bringing people together to improve our communities.

    Proven Problem-Solver

    Denyc served in the Oregon State House of Representatives and in the Oregon State Senate. She knows first hand the importance and the challenges of bringing diverse viewpoints together to deliver results for her constituents.

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    Restoring Fiscal Responsibility 

    Denyc Boles knows the federal government should live within its means, just like our families and small businesses. Our nation is $32 TRILLION in debt, and the current politicians in Washington don’t seem to care. Denyc will fight to cut waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government and deliver the balanced budget our nation needs.

    Improving Veteran Care

    As the wife and daughter of Air Force veterans, Denyc Boles knows that our nation has a duty to care for the brave men and women who risk everything to keep our families safe. In Congress, Denyc will hold the Veterans Administration accountable and ensure that America’s veterans get the care they need and deserve.

    Combating Inflation

    The disastrous policies being pushed in Washington, D.C., have caused inflation to rage out of control, destroying the savings and budgets of Oregon’s families and small businesses. Having lived under tight family budgets, she will make tackling inflation one of her top priorities. 

    Transforming Healthcare

    Denyc Boles knows that healthcare is the number one cost most families face each year. Unfortunately, the policies coming out of our nation’s capital have driven the cost of healthcare through the roof. Denyc will work to make healthcare more affordable by improving competition, expanding health insurance options, and empowering patients.  

    Confronting Drug Abuse and its pipeline

    The rampant use of hard drugs and narcotics is reaching alarming levels in Oregon. This crisis is damaging lives, hurting our workforce, and endangering our communities. Denyc will take a strong stand against illegal drug deals while working to find new solutions to stop the flow of illicit opioids into our neighborhoods.  The risk and human damage that trafficking epidemics at America’s southern border brings needs to stop.  


    Former House Minority Leader and 2022 Republican Gubernatorial nominee Christine Drazan
    Polk County Commissioner Lyle Mordhorst
    Polk County Commissioner Craig Pope
    Senate Minority Leader Kim Thatcher
    State Senator Daniel Bonham
    State Senator Fred Girod
    Representative Ed Diehl
    Representative Kevin Mannix
    Representative Tracy Cramer
    Representative Shelly Boshart Davis
    Minority Leader Jeff Helfrich


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